Animal Therapy

Animal Therapies               (Fees do not including travel time)   

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) Our pets and working animals (livestock) have aches, pains, and go through trauma and medical procedures that leave tensions within their tissues just like us humans. Treating your animal in their home environment with this gentle touch opens their tissues to “let go” of the tissue memories or injuries to flow into optimal wellbeing.  To read further on CST.   Use link to
Animal sessions – Lee Anne travels to the animal, sessions are on animal time (anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours). Fees range according to time: $65-$125.

Reiki Treatments for Animals Reiki is a hands-on healing modality which facilitates the animal’s overall health and well-being. The word “Reiki” is derived from two words: Rei (universal) and Ki (life energy). People who use Reiki for their animals are seeking relief from disease-related symptoms and side effects of conventional medical treatments. Reiki practitioner(s) place their hands just above or lightly on the animal, with the goal of facilitating the animal’s own healing response. I develop and hold the safe sacred space for the animal to take a vacation from the outside world so they may harmonize with their Inner Wisdom, those inner resources which are their best guides, teachers, and healers.

Reiki Sessions for Animals – are about 20-45 minutes, fee $40
During the animal’s session it is their intentions that lead the treatment. I refer to this as their Inner Wisdom. I hold the sacred safe space and tuning in with their Inner Wisdom the Reiki flows (drawing in or releasing). During a session singing bowls, drums, body and tuning forks, crystals/stones, or representatives of the Elements may or may not be used.  The animal dictates the amount of time for the Reiki session. Animals are so attuned to Nature and Energy, a little goes a long way.

Long Distance Reiki Session for Animals – fee $20
Would you like to send Reiki Energy to a dear pet with love, encouragement, empowerment, healing, wisdom – to list a few possible attributes.  An example is your pet having procedure/surgery – a Distance Reiki Session will be sent to surround them and all involved in a safe sacred space, radiating peace and calm to all and heightening the medical team’s wisdom. When notified that the procedure/surgery is complete, the Reiki for healing will begin.  Think of this similar to group prayer.  The possibilities for sending Distance Reiki are endless. This is a great gift for when you feel like you cannot do anything about a situation or cannot be there in person.

Crystal Gridding for Animals is a service offering Energy long distance over space and/or time. I design the grid, meditate on your request and receive the blend of sacred geometry, crystals and other elements to tell Higher Source your story and for these Higher Realms to manifest the Higher Good.  Examples of requests have been for insights or clarity, infusing love, removing impatience, bringing into harmony and peace, opening up joy into your situation, and peace through a life transition for all involved.  When the grid is completed, Lee Anne continues to meditate with it and then sends the client a photo of the grid. This grid photo is for you to share with your animal and to meditate, reflect and move on the path for the Highest Good in the situation. Your pet will sense the grid’s and your energy when you view the photo.  Print the photo out and leave where your pet may be with it on its own time.
Crystal Gridding, fee $65





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