Reiki is a hands-on healing modality which facilitates the person’s overall health and well-being. The word “Reiki” is derived from two words: rei (universal) and ki (life energy). People who use Reiki are often seeking relief from disease-related symptoms and side effects of conventional medical treatments. Reiki practitioner(s) place their hands just above or lightly on the client, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. Reiki is often performed simultaneously with other modalities such as vibrational tools (drum, tuning forks, singing bowls and crystals) or within your bodywork/massage session.  I develop and hold the safe sacred space for you to take a mini vacation from the outside world so you may harmonize with your Inner Wisdom (These are your personal inner resources, which are your guides, teachers, and healers.)

Reiki Sessions are 45-60 minutes fee is $65
During your session it is your personal intentions and goals that lead the treatment. I refer to this as your Inner Wisdom.  As I hold the sacred safe space and tune in with your Inner Wisdom the Reiki flows, either allowing release of unproductive energy or drawing in needed energy, according to Your Wellness Plan.

The following may also be used, with your permission, during a session:

  • Singing bowls
  • Drums, body
  • Tuning forks
  • Rattles
  • Crystals/stones
  • Representatives of the Elements
                      Reiki is also a wonderful add-on to your bodywork/massage.

Long Distance Reiki Session, fee $25
Would you like to send Reiki Energy to a dear one? Or to a situation to soften any negativity with love, encouragement, empowerment, wisdom? Think of this as similar to group prayer. The possibilities for sending Distance Reiki are endless. This is a great gift to give when you feel like you cannot do anything about a situation or be there personally. An example is someone having surgery.  First: Distance Reiki will be sent to surround the patient and all involved in a safe sacred space, radiating peace and calm to all and heightening the medical team’s wisdom. Lastly: when notified the surgery is complete, the Reiki for healing will begin.


Reiki Training

  • Level One You are introduced to Reiki, we integrate your natural ways to work with energy and the afternoon is a practicum on techniques and giving your first Reiki treatment. We finish with a discussion of how you integrate Reiki into your daily life.
  • Level Two Distance and Absentee Healing – Learn the simple process on how to send energy to ones you cannot physically be with and/or the world. The afternoon is the practicum of your first distance healing session for a loved one or situation. In this class Reiki symbols and additional techniques are introduced. We conclude with sharing Reiki treatments with your classmates.
  • Level Three / Master Class We expand the use of Reiki into how you may give back to the world/cosmos through Reiki love and compassion. We work with the Elemental world of vibration, animals and crystals/gemstones. You will experience how Reiki flows through tools of vibration, crystals, feathers and other elements. You finish up by enjoying treatments with your classmates and these new tools.
  • Master Teacher Training  Are you interested in teaching others how they can use this wonderful, yet simple life tool of Reiki?  In this class we share with you material for Reiki training and attunements, we discuss the basic business tools, and Student Teaching opportunities.  Requirements: you must receive Reiki Level Three / Master Training with Elemental Connections and attended a Reiki Share.

Levels I, II, and III each are one full day, $160 each.

Teacher Level is half day, $265.

Pre-registration and 50% deposit is required 7 days prior to class.

Reiki Shares Fee is Love Donation
This is open to Reiki Practitioners of all levels to share your Love for Reiki and receive a Reiki session to rejuvenate yourself.  One Sunday a month, 1-4 pm,

Reiki Mentoring Fee: sessions start at 30 minutes for $35
Do you have questions on your Reiki practice, how to build your practice, or do you want a refresher and/or re-attunement? .

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