Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy has been around for centuries and is done with gemstones, crystals, and stones. Each has their unique molecular structure, properties, vibrations and Energy.  This Energy is why you are attracted to specific crystals, similar to why you like specific styles of music.  Crystals will assist in balancing and rejuvenating your own vibrations by entraining their frequencies and amplitudes when in your personal space. Crystals Therapy is great for balancing, cleansing and rejuvenating your home, office and vehicle space.  Crystal Therapy is for everyone. Animals will notice the Energy and they love to be around crystals.

Crystal Gridding fee is $65
Is a service offering Energy long distance over space and/or time. I design the grid after meditating on your request, receiving the blend of sacred geometry, crystals and other elements to share with your Higher Source your story and for these Higher Realms to manifest the Higher Good.  Examples of requests have been for insights or clarity, infusing love, removing impatience, bringing into harmony and peace, opening up joy into your situation, and peace through a life transition for all involved.  When the grid is completed, I continue to meditate with the grid and then send you a photo of the grid. This grid photo is for you to meditate, reflect and move on your path for the Highest Good in your situation.

Crystal Wand Making – In this workshop you make two wands with your own impressions and intentions.  These wands have been used for your Personal Encouragement, Fairy and Angelic Realm, Manifesting, Talking Sticks, Dream Walking, and Lights of Hope.

Crystal Wand Making Party – Gather 6-15 friends and family for 2 ½ hours of creative fun making one wand and a pendulum/pendant and sharing a light meal.  We finish with a blessing for you and your new wands.

Crystal Wand Making, fee $45 per person
(Lee Anne donates a wand for each one sold to charity of choice.)


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