Lee Anne Clarbour

Mission Statement:
My mission is to create your personal safe space, free of distractions, so you may walk in harmony with your own Spirit and ultimately connect to your own Inner Wisdom. My hope is to teach you to listen to your body’s messages and understand your own instinctual healing skills.

What I mean by……Inner Wisdom
John Upledger, founder of Upledger Institute of Florida, coined the term “Inner Physician” to describe the ability of our physical body to “know” its own wellness plan for restoring balance or homeostasis and optimal wellness.  Believing in this physical body wisdom, I would add that our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies also contain this Inner Wisdom.   The client is able to heal in line with their own natural rhythms and move into optimal wellness.  In a session I listen as well for these subtle communications so that my therapist hands and your Inner Wisdom act together to refresh and rejuvenate you.

I am a licensed clinical massage therapist as well as certified and skilled in:
·  CranioSacral Therapies
·  SomatoEmotional Therapies
·  Advanced Crystal Master
·  Usui Shiki Ryoho (Master Teacher)
·  Japanese Reiki (Master Teacher)
·  Karuna Reiki (Master Teacher)
·  Past Life Regression Therapy
·  Life Coach

 Education & Affiliations:
  ·  Graduate of The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy, Chicago, IL

·  Member of the National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
·  Member of the American Massage Therapist Association.
·  Member of International Hypnosis Federation

I am honored to work with:
·  Adults of all ages
·  Children
·  Your Family Animals: horses, farm animals, dogs, cats, birds

With warm gratitude,
Lee Anne Clarbour, LMT, NCBMTB, AMTA, ACM, RMT





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